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Active RFID Security Gates

Our 'Crystal Clear' Active Tag security gates provide the ultimate in detection performance and rugged durability. Their purpose-designed Active RFID technology delivers a valuable combination of outstanding detection performance, within a usefully compact and space saving detection zone. Ruggedly constructed from solid hand polished acrylic, these compact and aesthetically pleasing detection pedestals have a footprint of just 12x38cm and provide outstanding Active Tag detection with extra-wide pedestal spacing option. The compact detection zone is a key performance feature of this equipment - providing tightly defined 'Go' and 'No-Go' areas. High quality rugged construction adds a toughness that supports a long and trouble free service life. Mounted on a high quality die-cast aluminium foot and enclosed in a protective fabricated steel casing, these elegant security gates integrate easily and harmoniously with the very best contemporary and heritage interiors. With advanced control systems technology developed on the basis of extensive international client experience, our security pedestals set the standard in detection, reliability and modularity. From a simple single-door exit, to a seven metre wide mall-style walkway, and roller shutter doors, our Crystal Clear active RFID pedestals provide complete flexibility to meet your needs.

  • Compact 'Crystal Clear' design
  • Outstanding aesthetics
  • Easy to install
  • Super-fast Active RFID tag detection
  • Adjustable Integral audible/visual alarms
  • Power required - standard socket
  • Dimensions, 152 x 38 x 12 cm
  • CE approval
  • Compact detection zone
  • Low maintenance