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Industry Sectors

Industry Sectors

Example Application - Laboratory Laptops

A secure laboratory within Birmingham University needed to ensure that its 120 laptops were securely retained and did not leave the laboratory perimeter. The laptops were provided with overnight recharging arrangements within the laboratory, and it was required that the laptops never left the laboratory premises.

In this case, the high value of the laptop hardware was incidental to the significantly greater value of the intellectual property contained within them. The laptops were each fitted with a permanently bonded, low profile Active Tag and securing the perimeter of the laboratory was achieved by providing 'Crystal Clear' security gates at a double door main entrance, together with a combination of 'Crystal Clear' security gates and invisible floor antennae at a six metre wide roller shutter door occasionally used for vehicle and equipment access.

After a few weeks of project planning, this installation took just three days to install and commission, and provided highly responsive integral audible and visual alarms whenever a laptop was taken towards either exit.

Example Application - Club Room Furnishings

A prestigious new apartment complex development in London needed highly effective anti-theft protection for its residents' club room furnishings. The club room interior, which was open to all residents and their guests, was professionally and expensively furnished with a wide range of equipment, furniture and object d 'art. The building's management required that none of the expensive items within the club room could be removed without their knowledge on a twenty four hour basis.

The variety of equipment, ornaments, artwork and furniture within the clubroom comprised a unique mix of valuable assets, including: full scale human figure sculpture, wall mounted mirror art, cinematic television and audio equipment, pool table equipment, framed paintings, metal coffee table, coffee machine, scale model aeroplane and ship ornaments, chairs and tables lamps etc. Many of these items had an individual value in excess of £5,000.

The high value items were each fitted with the appropriate type of Active Tag and the extra-wide single entrance doorway fitted with compact and elegant 'Crystal Clear' security gates. Special arrangements were made to seamlessly integrate the security gates with the club-room's inward swinging heritage wooden door. With the benefit of careful preparation and project planning, full installation and commissioning took just one day to complete.